Brian M. Slator

a salaried employee


North Dakota State University

Warning: this is a FRIVOLOUS page.

1955 - I was almost three years old...

1992 - you do the math...

2000 - you can see I STILL need to work on my posture...

This is my grandfather,
Jack Slator (1892-1976)
Like many people my age, I've decided to try and do a little work on my Family History.

My younger brother, Kevin, has taken it a lot further

Part of that is the location of Slator Lake named after my Uncle Dan Slator (Nov. 30, 1926 - Aug. 9, 1944) as part of the Canadian Commemorative Names Project.

This is Beetman, the creation of Colonel Dave Schmidt.
Eventually there will be a compendium of Beetman archived here.

If I figure it out, you maybe will see my doofy banner if you press this button (it takes you to a page of Javascript code: annoying and pointless):

The texas counter quit working, so I went and found another one: source code and everything!
This should show the number of people, besides myself, who have visited here to waste their time, frivolously.
Number of Hits As Of On
I'm thinking of calling this the collection of hats I have worn.
If I had any heroes (using the term loosely, to include anybody I like much), their pictures might appear if you:


Another mystery to me is how to make movies visible to browsers. I wonder if
    Press Here will work?
    Or, I wonder if you can see a movie
    by pressing a button (like George Jetson)

This is a GIF of my beautiful wife produced by Photoshop after the PICT image was changed to "indexed color" (which reduces from millions to 256 colors) and saved. The image jumped to a much larger size (the original photo was a wallet size), because the scanner reads at 300 DPI (dots per inch), but the screen displays at only 72 DPI. I reduced the image to wallet size again and saved it that way.

And, doesn't ___THIS___ look good:

I sold this house in February of 1997, but hey, I worked hard on this page, so I'm keeping it around:
* Hey! I Sold My House!

This page is, guess what, under construction.

You can see my other half-baked pages at:
America Online, a site that I've had since 1995.
It used to be that at Domain Host Services would stunt you to a Qwest page, but that's broken now.

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