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The World Wide Web Instructional Committee (WWWIC) was formed in 1995 by a group of faculty with a strong, active interest in applying information technology for instructional purposes. Initially, the WWWIC functioned as a bellwether for what were then novel Web-based initiatives such as course home pages. As the NDSU campus was awakening to the many possibilities of the WWW, and there was a need for technologically-advanced "early adopters" to learn from each other and spread their knowledge. The W WWIC was a clearing house for this type of technical content and advice and became the focal point of rapid Web development occurring on campus. The WWWIC explored and mastered the new technologies before they were well-understood by others, and served as a support group and facilitator for fledgling Web-based efforts. As a consequence of these and other efforts at NDSU, the NDSU administration in 1997 institutionalized the mainstream efforts of the WWWIC. At this point the WWWIC is concentrating o n developing interactive WWW-based educational software.

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